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If you have any questions about what might be missing from your hair care or styling routine, email or call us and we can help.



When can I expect my local delivery?

We do local deliveries on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We are happy to accommodate other days if necessary. We will get in touch with you after you've placed your order to make sure we are coming by at a good time for you.

I've selected in-store pick up, when can I come get my products?

As soon as we have received your order, we will put it together for you and send a notification that it is ready for pick up. This usually takes just an hour or two.

Please come to the salon during open hours to pick up your order. If you need to come by at a time that the salon is closed, we may be able to help. Just leave a note and we can find a solution.

Does my stylist benefit from sales of your online store the same way that they do when I make purchases at the salon?

When you buy Bumble & Bumble from us at Shampoo, your stylist sees an increase in their "professional development fund" which is used to pay for tools, education, or whatever else they might want to further their career! This is one of the many reasons to shop from a local small business rather than a big retailer.

When you shop online, leave your stylists name in the notes field at checkout, and we will make sure that your stylist is credited for the sale.

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